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What Is The Addiction Potential Of Blue Xanax?

Xanax is a type of medication that promotes calmness and a relaxed feeling for men and women who struggle with mood disorders like depression and anxiety. Is blue Xanax addictive? The active ingredient in this medication is an opioid and comes with the same addictive properties as other opioid-based medications. While this medication is safe, there is a high risk of abuse due to the euphoric effects that come with taking high doses or mixing with alcohol or other drugs.

Skywood Recovery is dedicated to helping Michigan residents who have developed an opioid use disorder from taking blue Xanax or other anti-anxiety drugs like Ativan and Valium. All treatment programs are personalized to the patient and their specific needs and symptoms. Depending on the severity of the addiction, you will start your recovery journey through a residential or outpatient treatment program using a healthy mix of behavioral therapies and medications. If you or a loved one is abusing blue Xanax or other opioid-based medications, call 269.280.4673 today for more information about our opioid addiction treatment programs.

Is Blue Xanax Addictive?

The active ingredient in Blue Xanax is alprazolam, an opioid-based medication that treats depression, anxiety, and panic disorders. The calming effects of opioids make this medication very popular as a medication and for recreational use. When following the prescription, blue Xanax is very effective in reducing depressive and anxiety symptoms and can help people lead productive and fulfilling lives.

Blue Xanax comes in a small blue pill and contains a 1mg dose of alprazolam. Xanax is available in a variety of colors and dosage amounts, which include:

  • Peach Xanax – .5mg dose
  • White, purple, and yellow Xanax – 2mg dose
  • Green and pink Xanax – 3mg dose

Generally, Xanax dosages start out at .25mg – .50mg and can increase over time depending on the severity of the symptoms. Some adults can take as much as 10mg of Xanax per day. At Skywood Recovery, we welcome all Michigan residents who are struggling with an addiction to blue Xanax or other mood stabilizers. Our programs use the latest behavioral therapeutic techniques and medications to create a whole-person recovery experience with fewer risks of relapse.

The Dangers of Abusing Blue Xanax

While blue Xanax is safe to take for treating depression and anxiety, taking more than prescribed or with alcohol or other drugs is very common. Individuals can develop an addiction very quickly if they abuse their medication. When the prescription stops or runs out before the refill date, withdrawals and cravings will begin and can lead to trying hard drugs like heroin or street fentanyl. If they take a similar dose of more potent drugs, it can lead to an overdose, coma, and death.

Detoxing Without Professional Support

Many people will try to detox alone after they can no longer refill the prescription. The longer someone takes blue Xanax, the more intense the detox process will be. Withdrawal symptoms will include worsening depression and anxiety, along with:

  • Cravings for more Xanax
  • Hyperventilation
  • Insomnia/Hypersomnia
  • Loss of appetite
  • Muscle spasms
  • Seizures
  • Psychosis

Those who try to quit without professional support are more likely to relapse when symptoms peak around 72 hours. If they can’t get more Xanax, the risk of trying harder drugs increases significantly.

Dangerous Side Effects of Long-Term Abuse

The physical damage caused by long-term Xanax abuse includes impaired motor function, liver damage, and seizures. In addition, alprazolam can cause cognitive problems, manic depression, and turbulent mood swings. It can also cause dementia-like symptoms that mimic Alzheimer’s disease.

Long-term Xanax abuse will cause a serious addiction fueled by worsening depression or anxiety and may require several months of full-time residential care. Once completing a residential program, therapy will continue on an outpatient basis to build a healthy and sober lifestyle.

Skywood Recovery: Start Healing with Opioid Addiction Treatment

Is blue Xanax addictive? In the right circumstances, blue Xanax can be very addictive when you take more than prescribed or with alcohol or other opioids. At Skywood Recovery, we understand the addictive nature of opioids like Xanax and can create a comprehensive treatment program that addresses the physical and mental aspects of the disorder. Each of our programs includes a mix of medications and behavioral and holistic therapies that create a healing atmosphere and promote lifelong sobriety.

Discover the benefits of our opioid addiction treatment programs by calling 269.280.4673 today to begin a conversation about beating your addiction and improving your mental health.