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What Makes Skywood Different

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What makes us different? We’ll start with a story. At Skywood, we have a beautiful property comprised of woodlands, fields, and ponds. Those who come to our campus can breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the rustling trees and waving grasses. We relish the outdoors and believe our surroundings have a therapeutic effect on the people who come here. 

Our natural environment has led us to the telling of certain stories. There’s one story we tell our community about the stars. Each star has its own place in the night sky. It is singular, and yet it is part of many greater constellations. It is part of a network, a larger whole. Every star has its own destiny, brightness, and contribution to the night sky.

It is alone, yet never alone.

When you cope with problems by using substances, you lose a measure of your brightness. Your star gets dim. You forget your unique place in the world and withdraw from the network surrounding you.

When you come to Skywood, you will encounter people whose goal is to restore your brightness. Our program is designed to make you feel human again, to remember how much you add to the world by existing. And it is specifically engineered to target each area of your life so that you can experience transformative healing. 

What Makes Us Different

What makes us different at Skywood is that we have research-backed, integrated methods proven to unearth the real you—the unique, authentic you buried under all the complexity and cloudiness of substance use and mental health conditions.

One of the primary philosophies of Skywood is this: you are not your diagnosis.

You should not be treated like a condition because that’s not who you are. Your conditions, like substance use, probably get a lot more attention than you do now because they have pushed your true self down into a hiding place where it feels all alone. While it is critically important to address your conditions so they get out of the way of who you are, that’s the very thing many treatment centers miss—who you are. 

“I am happy, fulfilled, and most importantly, no longer bound by the cruel chains of addiction.”


We understand that people are not simply made up of conditions one must treat. They are human beings who have multi-faceted lives and complex needs.

That’s what Skywood does and what makes us different. People are not what ails them. They are human beings who have multi-faceted lives and complex needs. We have come to understand that all our best-laid plans—our methods, compassionate staff, and notable programming—are all next to useless without relationships, support, and motivation. That’s why we developed a comprehensive approach that fosters those things and yields true healing.

Our Comprehensive Approach

Each element of our program supports your overall health. Every aspect can help you develop essential connections, gain understanding, and be filled with hope. Here are some of the treatment methods we employ and why we use them at Skywood: 

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

DBT is about embracing both the acceptance of reality and the need for change, enabling you to move forward despite adverse events or feelings. We use DBT skills to teach you how to be mindful and understanding, relieving feelings of conflict and tension that hold back your ability to heal and find happiness. 

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

During a CBT session, you are shown how to think and behave in ways that will help you reach your self-stated goals. You can “unlearn” your unwanted reactions and choose new responses to your thoughts and feelings. We use CBT because you can understand how and why you’re improving as you continue in the process. You can continue developing skills that will help you face future challenges and positively change your thinking and behavior. 

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

This therapy helps an addicted person detach from specific thoughts and feelings that enable addiction. ACT helps you take control of your life and determine how much importance negative thought patterns and habits will receive. At Skywood, we use this approach to help you discover and act on your most precious values. 

Adventure Therapy

Adventure therapy reaches back to the roots of what makes us truly human. Our safe, team-oriented adventures are combined with clinically-proven counseling therapy. As you proceed on the path of wellness, you may find new hobbies and interests you never knew you enjoyed before. You can engage your body and mind through interactive team-building activities, nature walks, and fitness excursions. We use adventure therapy because it can help you develop the confidence and stamina to embrace life’s challenges. 

Art Therapy

So much of treatment is verbal—discussing issues and talking through problems and barriers to sobriety. A non-verbal option like art therapy can provide a welcome break, fresh insights, and a new perspective. We use art therapy because it can increase your creativity, build your self-esteem, and enhance your strengths as you explore issues that may not be as easy to address in traditional therapy sessions.

Equine Therapy

In equine therapy, horses provide illustrative experiences and promote emotional growth. Equine therapists are trained to teach various lessons on how horses learn, react, and follow instructions. We use this at Skywood because it allows you to understand how your behavior affects others and can often lead to a therapeutic breakthrough.

Nutrition and Wellness Sessions

Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health can go out of balance during active substance use. Nutrition is one crucial thing that falls out of focus when substance abuse accelerates. Many people arrive at treatment with medical issues related to substance use and lack of proper nourishment. We provide nutrition and wellness sessions to teach proper self-care through healthy practices. 

Family Therapy

At Skywood, we emphasize bringing families together for counseling and quality time that can benefit you and your loved ones. This is accomplished with the help of a qualified therapist who can influence positive discussion and promote a healing environment. As the family members learn about addiction and mental health conditions, they understand how they can heal and support the recovery process. 

Anger Management Sessions

An effective anger management program teaches positive skill sets. Many people may think that managing anger means suppressing it. Still, the truth is that learning how to deal with anger is a study of self-reflection, the various causes of anger, and what it means when one experiences an agitated emotional state. It is also about determining the techniques and exercises that work to eliminate the causes of anger, not simply limiting the expression of anger. At Skywood, we use a patient-centered care method based on psychological therapy to help each person in our care understand the primary feelings that can lead to excessive or uncontrollable anger and aggression. 

Grief and Loss Sessions

Excessive feelings of grief can leave a person vulnerable to a constant state of sadness, anger, and despair, leading to physical symptoms, such as sleeping or eating disorders. Skywood’s goal is to support each person in our care struggling with the mourning process. We provide compassion, education, a listening ear, and proven therapeutic methods to help patients redirect negative emotions and process their feelings of grief and loss. 

Physician-Directed Medication Management

We understand that sometimes you may need medications to manage your health properly. Whether the medicine is for temporary or longer-term use, our consulting physicians can monitor your symptoms and ensure that you receive the right kinds and doses. 

12-Step and Peer Support Meetings

One popular approach to recovery is based on the 12 steps, a historical set of principles and guidelines that help you recognize your conditions and use a clear set of actions. During the 12-step process, you explore a series of realizations, make amends, and look toward the future. At Skywood, participation in 12-step or similar programs is voluntary. Our goal is to expose you to different peer support recovery methods and allow you to choose what works best for you. 

Psychoeducational Groups

Because you are a partner in your recovery, we will educate you about your diagnosis and other aspects of behavioral health. We want you to obtain greater self-awareness, and we also want you to grasp the science behind addiction and mental health conditions. You’ll see how your disease affects you psychologically and how your behavior affects you and others. Education is a powerful ally in your long-term recovery. When you better understand addiction and mental health, you are empowered to face them with discernment and understanding. 

Individual Therapy

We think it’s crucial for each person to have one-on-one time with a dedicated therapist. Your therapist will listen to you, learn from you, and ultimately help you heal wounded parts of your inner self. When you develop or increase your sense of personal well-being, your process of change becomes more manageable, and interpersonal relationships improve. As sessions continue, growth becomes evident and becomes a natural result of therapy. 

Group Therapy

Group processing can be a profoundly enlightening part of treatment and recovery. Gathered with your peers, you can express feelings and emotions with those who can relate to you. This opens the door to new points of view and helps you foster your relational skills. Skywood’s groups, led by a therapist, are focused on encouragement and helpful feedback in a safe, supportive atmosphere. 


Yoga is a gem in the recovery world because it allows you to reconnect with your body peacefully. The practice of yoga can benefit anyone, but specific yoga techniques can be instrumental in detoxification and rehabilitation. These include breath control, particular postures or poses, relaxation, and meditation. Simply learning to breathe consciously can positively impact your treatment and recovery process. Yoga is a holistic piece of our program that everyone can appreciate. 

“Thank you guys for all the tools you gave me to stay sober and to finally love myself.”

A graduate of a Treatment program

Try Something Different with Skywood Recovery

If you want to try something different—to be involved in treatment that will help you rediscover your authentic self in recovery—contact us at 269.280.4673. Our admissions coordinators will answer your questions and help you understand more about what we do at Skywood. Today, you could start a journey leading to loving yourself again. We look forward to speaking with you!