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Your Experience at Skywood

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At Skywood, many people come to us lost in the fog of substance use. Over half also struggle with mental health conditions that leave them feeling out of control. Through effective treatment and rehabilitation, a large percentage of those people can manage their mental health condition and live healthy lives free from the control of a substance. Your experience at Skywood is unique, like yours and your needs, but we help those in our care to free themselves from the grips of substance use.

Since 2016, Skywood has been helping people recover from addiction and mental health conditions through research-based methods that can offer real results. We believe every person can heal, and we’re ready to show you how it can be done.  

Your Experience at Skywood

If you or a loved one are considering going to treatment, it’s important to understand what programs are available and what they offer. Any facility can have a pool or a gym, but what do they provide for your healing?

Healing happens over time and often comes through subtle changes and significant breakthroughs. Experienced recovery professionals will tell you to trust the process because recovery happens like a flower blooming. One day you’re staring at a green bud, and the next day you’re surprised by a gorgeous explosion of petals. All you can do in the meantime is put great soil around the flower, water it diligently, and give it fresh air and sunshine. Like that flower, our programs are designed to provide the tools you need to begin a new life. 

How We Help Your Recovery Happen

Addiction touches every area of life. Our program is designed to promote your or your loved one’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing through the following: 

A Holistic Assessment

Our assessment is “bio-psycho-social,” meaning it covers the context of your health, relationships, and history. We evaluate your status and conditions to form a treatment plan tailored to your needs. 

Health Stabilization

Stabilizing your health after you stop using alcohol and drugs is essential. Our medical staff will help you detoxify from substances and alleviate your symptoms as necessary while your body readjusts. You’ll eat healthy meals and learn about nutrition and wellness during treatment. Activities include walks and adventure therapy on our woodland campus. We also have a low and high ropes course and the opportunity to experience the reflective, healing process of working with horses through equine therapy. 

How We Assess

We help manage mental health. At Skywood, you’ll learn about your diagnosis. We will help you understand your symptoms and how you can maintain a healthy mental balance. We use dialectical behavior and cognitive-behavioral therapy to help you sort through conflicting, damaging, or unhealthy thoughts. 

Manage Emotional Health

Resolving grief, loss, anger, and trauma can be very significant to your recovery from substance use. You’ll be able to process with peers in group sessions, but you’ll also have one-on-one time with a therapist to solve more profound issues. You can learn essential life skills, like managing conflict and having healthy relationships, which will propel your recovery when you leave treatment. Through our family program, you can express yourself through creative arts and experience healing with your loved ones. 

Discover (or Rediscover) Spirituality

We encourage each person to pursue spirituality at the level they determine. Getting in touch with who you are as a person, your purpose in life, and any higher meaning has been instrumental to many in recovery from addiction. We’ll teach yoga and meditation practices and provide access to 12-step meetings and peer support groups. 

Make Friends

Our caring staff is here to encourage you along the way and will be your number one fan. Your peers in treatment will be overcoming the same obstacles, and you may find some kindred spirits as you embark on your recovery journey. 

A Different Experience in the Woods

It may surprise you how getting out of your typical environment can change your thoughts and feelings. Just a few things you’ll find here include:

  • Crisp Michigan air
  • Waving grass
  • Chirping crickets
  • Rustling trees

All of these can make your experience at Skywood Recovery stand out. You will have space and solitude to think about your life and have time to change your habits for long-standing recovery.

Treatment and Care with Skywood Recovery

If you want to know more about Skywood Recovery, call us now. Our admissions coordinators will walk you through the admissions process and answer your questions. Today is the day that your life can change for the better. Call, email, or chat to find out more at 269.280.4673