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Why Travel for Addiction Treatment?

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Pride Institute

Medically supervised detox • Experiential therapy • Gender-specific programs • Family Program



Michael’s House

Medically supervised detox • LGBTQ+ specific groups • Gender-specific programs • Transitional Living 



Skywood Recovery

Medically supervised detox • Experiential therapy • Gender-specific programs • Family Program 



Foundations San Francisco 

LGBTQ+ program • Trauma-informed treatment • Evening programs • Art therapy 



Michael’s House Outpatient

Medication-Assisted Treatment • Trauma-informed treatment • Grief and loss therapy • Individual and family therapy 



Talbott Dunwoody

Evening programs • Relapse prevention • Licensed Professionals Program • Young Adults Program 



The Canyon at Santa Monica

Evening programs • Family programs • Professionals program • Gender-specific groups 

Medically supervised detox • Experiential therapy • Gender-specific programs • Family Program



Skywood Outpatient

Evening programs • Grief and loss therapy • Anger management • Relapse prevention 

If you or a loved one needs addiction treatment, your first impulse may be to find the most convenient or local treatment program. But the truth is that recovery from addiction or a mental health condition is often a life-saving process. When the quality of your life, or the life of a loved one, is on the line, the quality of your treatment is much more important than convenience. This is one reason why to travel for addiction treatment. 

While you may be able to find a rehab center close to home, there are some very sound reasons to seek treatment out of state. Recovery professionals often recommend that families choose a recovery program far from home. 

Why Travel for Addiction Treatment?

There are a few reasons to travel for addiction treatment that one may not think of that may improve your treatment outcomes.

Here are a few reasons why to travel for addiction treatment: 

You Get a Fresh Start

Pursuing treatment in another geographical area provides both a physical and a mental “fresh start.” A new location allows you to move forward without constantly being reminded of past mistakes. It may seem like a good idea to seek treatment just around the corner initially, but the most significant goal is long-term recovery, not short-term convenience. 

You Face Fewer Distractions

Distractions are much less likely to derail recovery when you are far from home. You will experience greater privacy and won’t run into acquaintances or colleagues in a program that is a little further from home. Your family and loved ones can be involved in the process in a safe, scheduled way. Seeking help is a life-changing decision, and ditching old, harmful patterns, harmful people, and dangerous places is necessary. That’s much easier to do when you travel for treatment. 

You Can Avoid Triggers and Temptation

In a new location, there are no memories of past substance use. You won’t be near any places or neighborhoods that are triggers. There are no old groups of friends that you’re tempted to track down. In a distant location, you can truly focus on yourself and your recovery, and that’s what the process should be about—achieving the most you can in your recovery process.

You May Find a Better Fit

While you may know of programs close to home, that doesn’t mean those facilities are the best fit for you. Treatment programs vary—they offer different specialties, clinicians, and levels of quality. Finding the treatment that meets your unique needs is vital.

Most people seeking addiction help don’t initially plan to travel for treatment, but once they do, they see the benefits quickly. Treatment is a short period in the much longer process of recovery. Doing it right will give you the foundation for long-term sobriety and the future you want. 

Accessing Non-Local Treatment

There are certain things to plan for when traveling for treatment. These include:

  • Travel expenses – It’s essential to plan for your travel expenses, such as if you’ll travel by car, plane, train, or any combo of these things.
  • Childcare or pet care – Keep in mind any plans to take care of your dependents, like getting a babysitter or family member to watch children or a pet sitting service or boarding for furry friends.
  • Insurance approval – Sometimes, care in other states or locations is not available through insurance, so it’s essential to understand your plan, your payment options, and your budget.

Whether or not traveling for treatment is right for you, accessing care is vital to your recovery journey.

Traveling for Care with Skywood Recovery

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