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Skywood Recovery Culinary Experience

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Thoughtful, Nutritious Meals at Skywood Recovery

The cuisine at Skywood Recovery is an important aspect of a successful recovery. Our staff has the culinary experience to prepare delicious, nutritious meals that are both satisfying and healthy. 

Remember that addiction can be difficult on the body. By the time most people enter treatment, their bodies have been negatively affected by their addiction. 

Therefore, healthy meals while in recovery are extremely important for regaining good physical (and mental) health. 

Skywood Recovery is dedicated to providing each client with the finest possible care during their stay. We believe that food plays an integral role in achieving overall health and wellness, so we make sure to offer a wide variety of options to suit most client’s preferences. 

Culinary Experience Means a Healthy, Tasty Menu

Within the Skywood kitchen, our staff of seasoned culinarians has upwards of 30 years of combined culinary experience in the industry. We understand that with all the hardships patients are facing in treatment, getting a good meal is something they should be able to look forward to. We strive to make that a reality each day at Skywood Recovery.

Our culinary staff takes the time to personally get to know our patients and we integrate weekly menus with suggestions from patients. We take pride in the meals we prepare and take a “scratch-cooking” approach to all meals served to our patients. Our passion for what we do can be felt in every meal served at Skywood Recovery. 

Sample Menus

Breakfast – French toast, sausage patties, and a fruit tray
Lunch – Turkey BLT or smoked salmon BLT, chips, and a zucchini and squash blend
Dinner – Roasted carrots, pierogies, Polish sausage and kraut, and chocolate cake w/ whipped coffee frosting
Evening Snack – Meat and cheese roll-ups

Breakfast – English muffin egg sandwiches, breakfast potatoes, and a fruit tray
Lunch – Roasted cauliflower, rice pilaf, and mushroom chicken
Dinner – Italian vegetable medley, assorted pizzas, and ice cream
Evening Snack – Chex Mix

Breakfast – Scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon, and a fruit tray
Lunch – Roasted corn medley, sweet cucumber and tomato salad, Spanish stuffed peppers w/ cheese sauce
Dinner – Asparagus, quinoa, grilled pork chops w/ apricot sauce, and blondie brownies
Evening Snack – Italian Ice 

Skywood Recovery Meal Prep

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