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The beginning of your journey is essential. In truth, your lifelong battle of recovery starts with that first phone call. As soon as you contact us, we begin working hard to give you the most rewarding experience possible. We pledge to listen sympathetically to what you need and then do everything in our power to help you make a well-informed decision on your treatment options. 

Skywood Outpatient

Royal Oak, MI

(Evening programs, Grief and loss therapy, Anger management, Relapse prevention)

Skywood Outpatient is our addiction treatment center in Royal Oak, Michigan dedicated to helping people find their true selves and regain a sense of peace. Skywood Outpatient provides the necessary resources to heal your heart and spirit from within. They are ready to support you on your journey back home.

Skywood Outpatient recognizes that addiction is frequently rooted in unresolved pain or trauma. That’s why the facility focuses on treating and healing the individual holistically instead of just attempting to reduce substance use. By giving people access to resources, knowledge, and tools for finding “true” recovery, Skywood Outpatient sets them up for lasting success in overcoming their addiction.

Skywood Outpatient’s Services

Skywood Outpatients is devoted to promoting the physical, mental and spiritual health of individuals through an extensive range of programs. They provide services such as anger management therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), anxiety treatment, dual diagnosis support, dialectical behavior therapy sessions, medication-assisted treatments for depression, among others. Their goal is to help you achieve your best self by providing personalized care that addresses each individual’s unique needs.

A Convenient, Accessible Location

Located in Royal Oak, Michigan, Skywood Outpatient is the perfect location for healing. Conveniently located in downtown Royal Oak, it is easily accessible from most major cities. 

What You Need To Know About Finding the Right Treatment For You

With so many options to consider as you seek help, finding what works for you can seem like a challenge. We’ve identified five important things to ask when you’re looking for trustworthy treatment.

Is Your Detox Program Medically Supervised?

Detox is a challenging part of the recovery journey, and it can feel scary to take that step. It’s so important to find a detox program in a clinical setting where you are monitored and taken care of compassionately.

Are Mental Health Issues Treated Alongside Addiction Issues?

Look for terms like dual diagnosis or co-occurring treatment. Addiction is complex, and oftentimes, underlying mental health issues contribute to that complexity. Treating both often means healing the root of the addiction.

Is Your Treatment Plan Addressing My Needs?

Everyone is different. Circumstance, health and personality all play a role in what treatment should look like for you. Individualized treatment plans ensure that you get the kind of help that’s right for you.

What Does the Entire Treatment Process Look Like?

Ask questions, and then ask some more until you understand. You should have a clear picture of what the general treatment process is like, from admission to discharge to aftercare.

What Are Your Outcomes?

While the outcomes cannot guarantee your success or the success of a loved one, a good indication of the effectiveness of a treatment program is its outcomes. 

Skywood Outpatient

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