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Cocaine Addiction Treatment

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Cocaine (which is also processed and sold as “crack”) is an extremely addictive drug that is derived from the coca plant in South America. It can be abused by snorting, smoking, or injection. Depending on the manner of absorbing the drug, highs can last between five and 30 minutes. Given the addictive nature of this drug, a cocaine addiction treatment program is necessary for many people.

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Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Signs and Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction

On a short-term basis, this drug may cause highs of euphoria and energy that make a person seem happy and talkative. In some cases, it can increase aggression and anger. Dangerous physical effects of cocaine abuse come in the form of high blood pressure and increased heart rate. Cocaine also causes digestive distress and stomach-sickness, change in appetite leading to weight loss over time, sleeplessness, restlessness, panic attacks, high body temperature, and dilated pupils.

People who abuse cocaine have a diminished ability to make decisions. Among other problems, people who are high on cocaine may become more sexually tolerant and promiscuous, leading to a higher rate of sexually transmitted diseases that cause a host of other undesirable symptoms.

Those who sniff cocaine regularly might be prone to frequent nosebleeds, an inability to smell scents or odors, and a constant runny nose or hoarse voice. The tissue within the nostrils may become inflamed, infected, or even cancerous. Bowel problems are more common with cocaine that is administered orally. These bowel complications can make it difficult to go to the bathroom because there will be a limited blood flow in the users’ intestines. 

Integrated Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

Many people who use cocaine also misuse other drugs or have complicated stressors associated with cocaine use. Multiple addictions may have occurred and need to be treated at one time. Because substance use usually begins as a way to self-medicate, and because cocaine addiction can lead to traumatic life events, addiction to cocaine often includes more than one disorder. The effects of addiction plague family life, cognitive thinking ability, and general health. All of the issues that surround cocaine use can be addressed in a supportive, helpful way during treatment.

Addiction to cocaine is more than one disorder. The effects of addiction plague family life, cognitive thinking ability, and general health. Many aspects of drug abuse will need to be specifically addressed in treatment. 

Family Therapy

Family therapy can be very helpful and can also include relationship counseling. Family counseling can help educate all family members and answer any lingering questions about the situation. Often, family counseling helps the entire family learn to no longer enable an addiction. Family therapy is also an appropriate place to address old arguments and relationship difficulties in order to build a better future. Whatever the case, having an outside professional counselor can restore love and peace into an aching relationship. 

Emotional Management Skill-Building

Emotional management skill-building is an important part of integrated treatment. Building stronger mental health can help each person better balance stress after treatment and prevent thoughts about drug use to avoid anxiety or depression. Issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, ADHD or other mental health concerns can be assessed and treated to help ensure lasting wellness.

Often, addiction treatment offers space to assess physical medical concerns that may come to light once sobriety begins. Integrated rehab offers a full body and mind treatment that can address a number of issues in one location. Treating all of the contributing factors to an addiction can greatly reduce the chances of relapse. 

What’s Involved in a Cocaine Addiction Treatment Program?

If you are physically addicted to cocaine, the first part of cocaine rehab will address this issue. Medical monitoring may be necessary for a time as your body adjusts to the lack of cocaine in your system.

In some cases, medication may be appropriate to help alleviate any cocaine withdrawal symptoms you may experience. This may take anywhere from a few days to more than a week depending upon your current health and the height of your addiction. When you are stabilized physically and comfortable, you will be able to turn your attention to the psychological aspect of cocaine addiction. 

Psychological Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

Another effect you can expect to experience at a cocaine addiction rehab center is the ability to become more focused and alert. To say that your mental capacity is diminished when you are in the throes of cocaine addiction is an understatement.

By undergoing a cocaine detox and addiction treatment at a comprehensive cocaine rehab center equipped to provide you with a wide range of therapeutic treatment amenities, you can clear your mind of the cobwebs and regain the clarity you enjoyed before addiction set in. 

Do You Need a Cocaine Addiction Treatment Program in Augusta, MI?

Recovery is possible. We can help you recreate your habits so that physical and mental wellbeing are incorporated into the foundation of your new lifestyle.

We believe the most effective rehab program is one that is personalized to meet your specific needs and circumstances. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all treatment when drug addiction is both a psychological and physical issue. Everyone’s drug use is different and because of that, your drug rehab program must address your individuality if it is going to be effective in helping you heal as an individual.

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