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Addiction Therapy Programs

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At Skywood Recovery, the staff is deeply invested in helping you regain your health as you overcome addiction. The treatment process is about much more than overcoming a physical addiction. It’s an in-depth undertaking that includes looking at life from various angles, many of which you may not have considered before. Addiction therapy programs can help customize and make rehab programs more comprehensive.

Skywood Recovery offers addiction therapy programs in Augusta, Michigan, designed to help you heal on every level. These include family therapy, equine-assisted therapy, and more. Call 269.280.4673 today to learn more about how addiction therapy programs can help you overcome addiction and build a foundation for a sober, healthy future.

What Comprises Addiction Therapy Programming

As mentioned earlier, Skywood Recovery’s programming approach to recovery is designed to help you overcome more than just a substance use disorder (SUD). Therapy programming options for Skywood patients struggling with addiction include the following:

Each of these activities builds on the others to get to the root causes of addiction, introduce healthy new habits, address any co-occurring mental health issues, and provide the psychological and physical space you need to heal. Skywood Recovery’s programming also includes access to regular 12-step meetings and peer support groups.

What to Expect from Addiction Therapy Programs

Addiction doesn’t happen in a vacuum. In particular, Skywood Recovery’s family therapy programming—including family weekends and therapy sessions—is a valuable part of the addiction treatment process. The whole family deserves a chance to learn, process, and recover from the damage of addiction. Outside issues may also directly impact addiction or act as barriers to the recovery process. That’s why Skywood Recovery’s programming also offers sessions in anger management and grief and loss, addressing deep emotions and distress so that you can find happiness again. Healing your body is key to ongoing recovery as well. Nutrition and wellness sessions offer you a variety of opportunities to look at any health issues you may have ignored due to addiction.

When it comes to psychotherapy, Skywood Recovery uses varied therapeutic approaches—such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). Addiction therapy at Skywood Recovery uses psychoeducational groups to teach you about various addiction-related topics. Consulting physicians can manage any medications you may need.

Addiction treatment is an active process, and all that internal work needs physical and creative outlets. Addiction therapy—such as art therapy, equine-assisted therapy, and yoga—can get you moving while engaging your mind in fresh ways. As you stay active, you will feel refreshed and accomplished as your body, mind, and spirit are restored to health. As mentioned earlier, the treatment process is about much more than overcoming a physical addiction. It’s an in-depth undertaking that includes looking at life from various angles. Skywood Recovery programs facilitate that exploration, leading to fresh insights and a new perspective that will carry over into life beyond treatment and provide benefits for years to come.

From Our Clients

Skywood has absolutely saved my life. The ENTIRE staff has treated me like family. I can whole heartedly recommend Skywood Recovery.

– Ron B.

Benefits of Undergoing Addiction Therapy Programs

Addiction therapy programs can help you in several ways:

  • They can provide an outlet for creative expression.
  • They can help you develop new hobbies and interests.
  • They can introduce you to different ways of thinking about addiction and recovery.
  • They can help you heal old wounds and trauma.
  • They can address any co-occurring mental health disorders.
  • They can help you develop a support network.
  • They can help you build new, healthy habits.

More than anything else, though, the primary benefit of addiction therapy programs is they can provide customized and specific treatment for each patient’s particular needs.

Find Addiction Therapy Programs in Augusta, Michigan, at Skywood Recovery

To learn more about the therapeutic methods at Skywood Recovery and what makes Skywood Recovery different from other treatment centers, call us at 269.280.4673. Contact Skywood Recovery today to speak with someone from our caring and compassionate staff about addiction therapy programs in Augusta, Michigan.