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What Is K2?

Modern addiction treatment programs can help people affected by a vast range of substance problems. Often, these problems have a common source, like alcohol misuse. But they can also occur when you misuse lesser-known substances. Today, a good example of drugs in this second category is something known as the K2 drug. Not only can this drug trigger addiction. It can also produce other serious or even severe side effects.

What Is The K2 Drug – The World of Synthetic Cannabinoids

The names of drugs usually refer to a specific substance that’s always the same. However, the K2 drug is an exception to this rule. Instead of referring to a particular drug, it serves as one of the common nicknames for a class of drugs. This class’s actual name is synthetic cannabinoid. You may also see it referred to as synthetic marijuana.

What are synthetic cannabinoids? They’re a group of human-made chemicals that mimic the effects of the active ingredients in cannabis plants. These chemicals come in liquid form. They can be soaked into shredded, dried plants and then smoked or brewed like tea. You can also inhale them in vaporized form through an e-cigarette or vaping device.

K2 has a second widely used name: Spice. Other common names include Scooby Snax, Dream, Spike, and Paradise. Products labeled with these names may contain any number of synthetic cannabinoids. There’s no way to tell exactly which of these chemicals occur in any given batch of K2.

Synthetic Marijuana and Addiction

Naturally occurring marijuana often has a reputation for harmlessness. However, in reality, its use leads to millions of cases of substance abuse and addiction. Can the use of K2 lead to these same kinds of problems?

The answer to this question is yes. Research shows that the clearest sign of addiction to a K2 drug is withdrawal, which occurs if you try to quit. Known symptoms of synthetic cannabinoid withdrawal include:

  • Unusual irritability
  • Feelings of sadness or depression
  • Bouts of anxiety
  • Headaches

You may also experience other kinds of withdrawal symptoms.

Other Side Effects of Using K2 or Spice

Addiction is not the only concern for someone who uses the K2 drug. For example, you can potentially experience a toxic reaction known as an overdose. The possible effects of a K2 overdose include seizures and dangerously high blood pressure. They also include damage to your kidneys and a lack of sufficient blood flow to your heart.

In addition, users of synthetic marijuana sometimes experience psychosis. That’s the term for an extremely altered mental state that can include:

  • Severe feelings of anxiousness
  • Extreme mental confusion
  • Sensory hallucinations
  • Delusional thinking
  • Episodes of paranoia

You may also experience other serious side effects. For example, you may become unusually aggressive or violent. In addition, you find yourself thinking suicidal thoughts.

The list of concerns does not end there. Without your knowledge, any given batch of K2 may contain dangerous additives. An increasingly common additive is the powerful synthetic opioid fentanyl. If you use synthetic cannabinoids laced with fentanyl, your chances of fatally overdosing can skyrocket.

Learn More About the Dangers of K2 Drugs at Skywood Recovery

Have more questions about the risks of using K2 or synthetic cannabinoids? Get them answered today at Skywood Recovery. We’ll be happy to provide more detail on the reasons for avoiding these marijuana substitutes.

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