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The Dangerous Mix of Party Drugs and LSD

“Party drugs” seem to imply fun, worry-free times. And lots of people see LSD as a relatively harmless drug. You or your friends may have even take one or both together without seeming to experience any problems. So what’s so dangerous about mixing the two?

Is LSD a Safe Drug?

It may be nearly impossible to overdose on LSD, but that hardly makes it a “safe” drug. LSD causes users to lose control of their behavior and to act out of character. You may do or say things you otherwise wouldn’t while high. You may accidentally hurt yourself or others. LSD has immediate and long-term effects even if they aren’t the same physical effects associated with other drugs like opiates or uppers.

LSD is a highly potent drug with an active dose that is measured in micrograms instead of milligrams; it only takes a small amount of this substance to alter the brain.

LSD users may feel euphoric and experience hallucinations while high. These “desirable” effects can cause users to lose touch with reality and to engage in dangerous behavior. Furthermore a bad trip on LSD can also cause severe psychological distress. Flashbacks to both good and bad trips can affects users weeks and months later and at unwanted or dangerous times. Long-term effects can include changes in memory, perception and mental health.1

Mixing LSD with Party Drugs

Woman Offering Smiley Face Drug LSDAny time you mix drugs you are at risk for complications. And party drugs and psychedelics have particularly unpredictable effects. As the popularity of ecstasy/MDMA has increased, so have ecstasy-related health issues. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration shares, “the estimated number of emergency department (ED) visits involving Ecstasy in patients younger than 21 years old increased 128 percent, from 4,460 visits in 2005 to 10,176 visits in 2011.”2

If you mix LSD and party drugs like ecstasy, be aware of the increased dangers these combinations create. Combining LSD with ecstasy, also known as “candy flipping,” increases heart rate and further impairs judgment. This mix can cause overheating, dehydration and heart failure, and it puts great stress on mental health.

Party drugs are often written off as harmless, but anyone can be dangerous or even lethal, and it’s impossible to predict when accidents, injury and long-term harm may happen. And even if you don’t experience physical health emergencies, know that anxiety, depression, and other psychological effects are real risks.

End the Dangers of Mixing Party Drugs and LSD

Put an end to the dangers of drug use. Reach out to Skywood at 269.280.4673, and ask about professional addition treatment options. We can help you better understand what comes next, how we can help and how you can find a safe, healthy and drug-free future for yourself or a loved one.

By Alanna Hilbink, Contributing Writer


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