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Rehab for Single Parents

Being a single parent is challenging, but when you add in the need for rehab, many parents feel overwhelmed. When it comes to rehab for parents, especially single parents, treatment is often delayed because they feel there is simply no way to find trustworthy childcare.

There are options for single parents to get treatment.

Residential rehab can be the best decision that you make for you and your children. Some single parents prefer an outpatient rehab program; however, many find that addiction treatment is more effective when an inpatient option is selected. If you have insurance coverage for rehab that includes inpatient treatment, then you should consider taking advantage of it.

Family and Friends Can Help Single Parents during Addiction Rehabilitation

Family TherapySupport from your family and friends could be the key to ensuring the success of your recovery. Determine which of your friends and family will be able to provide childcare while you enter an inpatient rehab program. If trust that your kids are cared for during rehab, then you will be able to better focus on healing.

Recovery can be challenging without support. By allowing your support system to play an active role in your recovery you will be in a much better position when you leave.Find a rehab program that will allow your family to play an active role in your recovery. A rehab program that offers family counseling as well as fun family weekends can strengthen the family bond and relationships.

Child Protective Services and Rehabilitation for Single Parents

If you are entering an inpatient rehab at the prompting of Child Protective Services, your children may be placed into temporary foster care until you are well enough to care for them. Rehab can mean the difference between parenting your children and not being allowed the privilege of being a parent.

Acting in the best interests of your children, CPS may set down ground rules before you again assume custody of your kids.

This is not meant to punish you but rather to give you a set of goals that must be achieved. In most cases Child Protective Services will place children in the care of a trusted friend or family member, so provide your case worker with a list of reliable adults who can help you. With the combination of Child Protective Services and rehab, you will be in a much better position to succeed with your recovery.

How to Explain Addiction Rehabilitation to Children

Be open and honest with your children about your need to enter into a rehab program. Parents often need to have the support of their kids to overcome addiction. It can be a heavy burden for young children; however, understanding what you are doing and why you are doing it can be helpful for them.

Provide them with a list of rehab FAQs that might answer some of their questions as well as their addiction questions. When they ask “How long does rehab last?” you should be honest with them about the amount of time that you will be spending apart.

Single Parent Addiction Rehabilitation Help

Allow our counselors to help you to find the best solution for the needs of your family. As a single parent you sacrifice so much for your children, don’t sacrifice and compromise on your health. We can help you to find the solution that you need – for every member of your family. Call us today at our 24 hour, toll-free helpline at 269.280.4673 and begin recovering now.