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Dangers of Combining Marijuana and Steroids

When marijuana and steroids are used together individuals risk having physical side effects as well as mental health issues. This article will focus on the connection between marijuana abuse and steroid abuse as well as the common health problems that can arise.

Understanding Marijuana Abuse

Many marijuana users are quick to claim that marijuana is not addictive. While it is true that its primary active ingredient, THC, is not physically addictive, the high that it gives the user can create a powerful psychological dependency.

When a person smokes or otherwise ingests marijuana they experience the following physiological and physical symptoms:

  • Extreme relaxation
  • Decreased inhibitions
  • Euphoria
  • A distorted sense of time
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Forgetfulness

Marijuana directly affects the same part of the brain that manages critical psychological functions. This type of emotional craving is much more powerful than rational thought or willpower. In 2015, about 4.0 million people in the United States met the diagnostic criteria for a marijuana use disorder.1

Understanding Steroid Abuse

Unlike marijuana, steroids are both physically and psychologically addictive. The drug replaces naturally occurring chemicals in the central nervous system which renders the user dependent on a constant supply to avoid the following withdrawal symptoms:

    Guy In Hoodie Sitting On Stairs

  • Physical craving for the drug
  • Heart palpitations or arrhythmia
  • Severe depression or thoughts of self harm
  • Intense anxiety
  • Insecurity

Many people who use steroids suffer from at least one of several possible underlying psychological conditions, including the following:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Addiction to other substances
  • Self-esteem deficiency
  • Depression

Individuals may use steroids to give them a competitive advantage in sports or to bulk up their physique with large muscle growth. After a short time on the drugs, however, many people become completely dependent. Quitting suddenly can be extremely dangerous.

Marijuana + Steroids = Complications

Steroid use is illegal and often results in users being ejected from teams or otherwise castigated by the general sporting community. Marijuana has the ability to calm someone’s emotional anxiety. It lowers inhibitions and impairs decision-making skills. While an otherwise sober athlete may be strong enough to resist the temptation to use steroids, a person under the influence of marijuana may not.

One drug may also worsen an individual’s symptoms. For example, marijuana use is known to be connected with paranoia and anxiety. Steroid use can actually worsen an individual’s anxiety levels. While on the surface it may appear that each substance is relatively harmless, the opposite is true.

Moving Forward

If you are wrestling with an addiction to steroids, marijuana, or both, please know that you can find sobriety like Jennifer. Just call our helpline, 269.280.4673, to speak with one of our trained professionals. At Skywood, we know how you feel and offer evidence-based treatment options that will allow you to live a life without drug abuse.


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