An autoimmune disorder is a disease in which antibodies in the blood attack normal, healthy tissue in the body as if it posed a threat.1 Many of these autoimmune diseases are marked by pain in areas, such as the joints, nerves and muscles. Many times, prescription medication is required to manage these symptoms. However, some people choose to escape their pain through use of illegal drugs, such as LSD.

What Does LSD Do to the Immune System?


LSD is believed to have a direct impact on components of the immune system. Studies have demonstrated how this drug can interfere with the availability of antibodies to fight antigens by suppressing their source. Lab studies of LSD also had effects on natural killer (NK) cell activity.2 Additionally, immunology and neurology formerly existed as entirely separate fields; however, the gap is lessening so that neuro-immunologists are more understanding them as a combination factor in the field of study.3

Autoimmune Disorder Treatment and LSD Addiction

Unlike many other powerful drugs, LSD does not create compulsive drug-seeking behavior or dependency. While flashbacks — or reoccurrences of previous acid trips — are always a possibility, regardless of the number of LSD uses, extended use of LSD increases the risk of more unpleasant trips that last longer. Furthermore, tolerance to this drug develops in the body with use, in which case the individual must take progressively greater doses of this substance in order to achieve a similar effect.4

LSD can also create psychological addiction, especially if a person has positive experiences with the drug. Due to the risk of addiction and the negative effects associated with LSD, it is important to seek professional help when stopping its use. Specialists in the area of drug addiction can help to manage all complications that arise in getting clean, including any related autoimmune disorder issues.

Because these disorders can be highly unpredictable and often accompanied by considerable pain, drug addiction specialists can monitor progress and recommend changes to the treatment program as a particular individual’s symptoms and needs require.

Finding Help for LSD Abuse and Autoimmune Disorders

When it comes to choosing treatment, it is essential that you find a treatment center that can provide healing and care for all diagnoses at the same time. So if you are struggling with an LSD addiction accompanied by an autoimmune disorder, you are not alone in your struggle. We are here to help. When you call our 24-hour, toll-free helpline, one of our admissions coordinators will be happy to listen to your story, address your questions and concerns, and guide you through the best next steps for you. We can even check your insurance benefits for you. Please call to begin your health journey today.

By Becca Owens

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