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5 Problems with Medical Marijuana

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As medical marijuana becomes increasingly popular across the country, Americans are divided in their opinions on whether or not legalization is a positive choice or safe for the public. At the current time, 21 states and the District of Columbia have legalized the substance for medicinal purposes, but many find use of the drug for therapeutic purposes problematic. Here are five commonly discussed problems with medical marijuana:

1. No Standard in Quality or Production

There are few guidelines when it comes to how marijuana plants must be raised for dispensaries that sell the drug to patients. Each plant could be vastly different from another grower’s plants, which in turn means that the buds will likely have very different levels of THC.

A joint rolled from one plant will provide a different intensity of a high than another plant, and there is no monitoring of the patient’s use of the drug to ensure that they are finding the right type of plant for their needs.


2. No Dosing Standard

When a patient is prescribed any other type of medication, they are given a dosing schedule by the doctor telling them how much to take, how to take it, and how often.

When someone is prescribed marijuana, they get a card that allows them to access dispensaries that sell the drug. They are not given any guidelines about how they should take it or in what amounts – something that would never happen with any other medication.


3. Potential for Harm Through Chronic Use

Chronic smoke inhalation and overdose on edibles are just two of the risks of chronic use of marijuana that we know about. Use of the drug legally for medicinal or recreational purposes has not been studied heavily, so we don’t know the extent of the harm that can come to those who take the drug for long periods of time and/or in large amounts.

4. Easier Access = Increased Marijuana Abuse

When it becomes easier for people to get marijuana, it means that they use more and have more in their homes. This in turn means that those who don’t have medical marijuana cards – including teens and young adults – have increased access to the drug and may be more inclined to use and abuse it, developing a drug dependency when they may not have otherwise.

5. Legalization Changes Public Opinion of Harm Potential

As more and more states legalize the drug for medicinal – or recreational – purposes, it gives the impression to those who don’t take the time to do the research that the drug is safe and/or harmless. In fact, for all drugs prescribed by a doctor, even prescription pills that are highly addictive like OxyContin and Percodan, the prevailing attitude is that the doctor’s okay makes them safe to use in any way or combination.

Many don’t realize that a doctor’s prescription comes with guidelines for usage that must be followed for maximum safety and that since marijuana rarely even comes with this assistance, it is arguably even more dangerous as a result.

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