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Our nationally recognized substance abuse and mental health programs use evidence-based methods that produce life-changing results.


Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Whether you label yourself an addict or not, most people who reach out to us are at least struggling with cravings or compulsions to use. Maybe you've experienced disruptions in your work or family life. Maybe you've had problems with your judgment or overall mood. The bottom line is that most of the time when you think you or your loved one might need treatment, you do.

At Skywood, we aren’t interested in labeling you; we’re here to support you in getting your life back on track. If you feel like drugs and/or alcohol have a grip on your life, now is the time to act. There is no shame in asking for help.

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Mental Health

Many individuals seeking treatment for an addiction are found to also be suffering from a mental health disorder. It's not uncommon for someone to turn to drugs or alcohol to self-medicate, either because they are unaware they have a mental health issue or they don't like how their prescribed medication makes them feel. Unfortunately, self-medicating may quiet symptoms in the short term, but over time they only make things worse as an addiction forms.

We feel that mental health issues and addiction have been misunderstood for far too long. That's why we’re making great strides at removing the stigma from both of these medical conditions, but its only by understanding these issues and treating them appropriately that we can see real change. Addressing the underlying mental health issues and getting to the root of the addiction provides the best opportunity for true and lasting recovery.

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Integrated Treatment

All of our programs are focused on integrated treatment, which simply means that we address both mental health and substance use disorders in the same setting. Unresolved traumatic experiences, undertreated depression and undiagnosed anxiety disorders are the most common issues seen among those who abuse substances. By working through both the addiction and any underlying mental health conditions at the same time, we can help motivate individuals to regain their inspiration, reclaim their identity and live happier, healthier lives of sustainable recovery.

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Residential Care

Residential, or inpatient care means that you stay on-site during your recovery. While this may feel intimidating, going through the process within a controlled environment, surrounded by experienced and caring staff members who make the process as comfortable as possible, is exactly what's needed to really kick-start a successful recovery journey.

For many people, the first stage of addiction treatment is medically supervised detoxification. This is a huge benefit of residential care. We provide around-the-clock care during this time to try to help ease the withdrawal symptoms and ensure all body systems are healthy and working properly.

Following detox, you'll go through in-depth therapy and counseling using various methods matching your unique needs. These tools are used to help you discover your authentic self and set healthy goals for life without drugs or alcohol.

Ultimately residential programs allow patients to dedicate all of their time and energy toward their healing and growth. In this environment, everyday distractions and temptations simply aren’t present. By focusing on yourself, you improve your own life while preparing to return to everyday life as a better parent, child, partner or friend.

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Insurance Providers

Navigating insurance benefits can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Skywood works with many providers to guarantee you the highest quality of treatment at the most affordable cost. When you reach out we can help take the legwork out of sorting out your insurance benefits out for you.

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At Skywood, we have a beautiful property comprised of woodlands, fields and ponds. We have a lot of fresh air, tall trees and waving grasses. We relish the outdoors, and we believe our surroundings have a restorative effect on the people who come here.

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LegitScript verification ensures our patients that we follow best practices when it comes to applicable healthcare laws and regulations. It demonstrates that we have been vetted thoroughly and proven our commitment to integrity and transparency. You can be assured that a website verified by LegitScript is a qualified treatment center that demands the best from our clinicians and other staff.



The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers, NAATP, has been the addiction service profession’s vision, voice, and thought leader since 1978. We are committed to advancing addiction services and supporting our ever growing membership of service providers. NAATP is a nonprofit professional society of top treatment providers throughout the continuum of care. NAATP’s service as a convening body brings the industry together to promote collegiality and the dissemination of best practices.

Joint Commission

Joint Commission

The Gold Seal of Approval(R) from the Joint Commission recognizes our commitment to safety and quality of care. The Joint Commission is the leading organization ensuring hospitals and health care providers meet the highest standards.

Our Patients’ Success

Skywood is part of the Foundations Recovery Network family of treatment centers, which means we practice FRN's evidence-based, time-tested methods of treatment. Our treatment model focuses on the goals, needs and desires of the individual patient. Creating unique, patient-centered treatment plans produces a higher rate of sustained recovery.

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