Some people think that mixing party drugs and LSD is relatively safe compared to taking other drugs, but any time you mix drugs you are at risk for complications. Abusing party drugs and LSD can both be dangerous on their own, but when you mix the substances the results are unpredictable. You may use MDMA (ecstasy) and LSD together several times without experiencing any problems, but all it takes is one bad reaction to put yourself in harm’s way. If you mix party drugs and LSD, then you should be aware of the dangers that you face because of the combination.

Is LSD a Safe Drug?

Because LSD is not physically addictive, and because it does not carry the risk of overdose, many users think they are safe abusing it. However, even more than other drugs, LSD causes users to lose control of their behavior and to act out of character. It is a highly potent drug with an active dose that is measured in micrograms instead of milligrams; in other words, it only takes a small amount of this substance to alter the brain. LSD users may feel euphoric and experience hallucinations while high, but the mixture of these effects can cause users to lose touch with reality and to engage in dangerous behavior. Furthermore, a bad trip on LSD can also cause severe psychological distress for users by affecting them days and weeks after the trip ends.

Mixing LSD with Party Drugs

Users mix LSD with party drugs for the combined effects, but combining LSD with an upper such as MDMA, also known as “candy flipping,” also increases heart rate and impairs judgment. Using these drugs can cause overheating, dehydration and psychological problems. The problem is that party drugs are often written off as harmless, even though MDMA overdose can be lethal. LSD and party drugs are commonly used in party settings, and taking drugs that impair your judgment can cause trouble if you react negatively while tripping on these drugs.

Help Quitting Drugs

If you are addicted to drugs such as LSD or MDMA, the only way to get out of your abuse habits is to seek professional addiction treatment. Professional rehab will help you learn more about why you are addicted and how to manage your addiction once you complete treatment. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline to speak with our admissions coordinators about effective rehab programs. Ask any questions you have when you call, and be sure to ask if your health insurance will pay for rehab. Our staff are waiting to speak with you right now, so call today to begin recovery.