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Warning Signs Of Vicodin Abuse

Since Vicodin addiction is very common in young teens, it is important for parents, friends and other family members to know what the symptoms of Vicodin addiction are. If these symptoms are spotted early on, this will greatly benefit the person who is addicted. The sooner an addiction is noticed, the sooner the addict will admit there is a problem. This means that they will be able to receive treatment quickly. Knowing what symptoms to look for will play an important role in helping the person who is addicted.

Not many young adults or teens will openly admit to having an addiction to Vicodin, so it is essential for people to know what symptoms they should be on the watch for so that they can help the individual with the addiction.

It is possible for someone to become physically dependent on Vicodin when they are taking the prescription as directed. In these cases, the symptoms of an addiction will not be present. However, if the symptoms do appear, it will usually mean that the individual has developed an addiction to Vicodin and will need professional help to overcome the addiction.

There are generally five major symptoms of Vicodin addiction. These symptoms will indicate to others that there is a high possibility of an addiction to Vicodin.

1: Nodding Out

Woman Worker In A Daze At DeskNodding out is usually the first symptom that will be noticed by other people. This is when the addict appears to be in a daze. It can happen on a regular basis and will often occur during a conversation.

When the addict is trying to focus on something, they may also nod out. When someone addresses this problem, the addict will most likely become irritable and will snap back at the person, often claiming they are just tired. This is one of the key signs that there could be an issue of opioid addiction.

2: Obsession with Vicodin

When a person is addicted to Vicodin, they will begin to crave more of the drug. This is because the body is building up a tolerance and the addict will need more to achieve a high. The addict will usually become obsessed with Vicodin and will find a way to obtain a steady supply of the drug.

They will also compulsively take the drug, especially when they are feeling stressed. When the extreme effects of the drug have worn off, the addict will crave more. This will usually define an addiction to Vicodin.

3: Physical Side Effects

When a person becomes addicted to Vicodin, they will experience some physical side effects. These side effects can be noticed by other people. When the addict first begins taking the drug, the side effects will be worse. They will begin to diminish as the addict takes more of the drug.

The side effects could include:

  • Paranoia
  • Severe mood swings
  • Passing out
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Inability to focus on a task or conversation
  • Anxiety

Not every addict will experience all of these side effects, but they are something to watch for when a Vicodin addiction is suspected.

4: Procuring More Vicodin

The longer a person takes the drug, the more of a tolerance their body will build up. This will result in a need for more of the drug to achieve the results as when the drug was first taken. When this happens, the addict will go to extremes to obtain Vicodin.

They may begin to go to various doctors, trying to obtain prescriptions or they may begin to steal from other people who have a prescription for the drug. Fraudulently obtaining Vicodin is a common way for addicts to get the drug and this is done by writing fake prescriptions or duplicating prescriptions from a doctor.

5: Personal Loss

Every person in the world has problems in their relationships, but for those who are addicted to Vicodin, these problems will become frequent and severe. Vicodin addicts will have a lot of trouble meeting deadlines at their job, maintaining a healthy relationship with a spouse and will have difficulty socializing with friends.

An addiction to Vicodin will cause the person to have the inability to keep up with things.

These addicts will also begin to experience financial difficulties and severe personal issues. This is all caused by the addiction. This Vicodin addiction symptom is one of the worst. This will be a red flag and will indicate that there is a serious problem. When an addict cannot perform their duties at a job and begins to make their family suffer because of their addiction, it is time for someone to step in and try to get the individual the drug rehab help they need to overcome their addiction.