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Professional Substance Use Referrals

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Our treatment isn’t cookie cutter. We base treatment on our patients’ needs and we do the same with our addiction treatment referrals partners.

How We Can Assist You With Addiction Treatment Referrals

When a patient is referred to us, we always work with you to ensure that both you and the patient feel informed throughout the process. We do this through having open communication at all times, progress reports as needed, and even calls with the patient to receive updates from them whenever needed.

Addiction treatment referrals from partners are also always welcome. We invite partners to speak with any of our staff directly to see if our facility is the right fit for the patient prior to admission.

For Clinicians

If desired, clinicians also have the opportunity to be involved in the patient’s aftercare planning. Our patient care coordinator can keep you in the loop and discuss appropriate aftercare options best suited for the patient, including possibly returning the patient to you for continued care.

For Employers

Skywood assists with continued drug and alcohol testing while patients are in treatment with us as frequently as needed to further assist with employment requirements. We can also assist with FMLA, short term disability paperwork, and return to work paperwork.

For Criminal Justice System

Skywood can help provide necessary paperwork such as admissions acceptance letters, progress reports, and discharge summaries. We can also help with ongoing drug and alcohol testing while in treatment and can accommodate patients that are admitted with a portable breathalyzer device, SCRAM tether, or other tethering devices.

For Interventionists

Our goal is for you to feel comfortable with the referral process. We offer tours of our facility, collaboration with our treatment staff members, and verification of benefits prior to scheduled intervention to help simplify the process.

Levels of Care


For many individuals, the first step in the continuum of care is a medically-supervised detox and stabilization. This process is designed to keep patients as comfortable as possible while we monitor the patient’s physical health and treat withdrawal symptoms as they arise.

Residential Treatment

For many patients getting around-the-clock individualized care in residential treatment allows them to separate themselves from many of the burdens of everyday life and focus on themselves.

We offer both individual and group therapy to all patients and use a combination of evidence-based and holistic treatment modalities to help patients begin healing and equip them with the knowledge and tools they need to kickstart a sustainable life in recovery.

Partial Hospitalization Program With Supported Housing

Typically used as a step-down from residential treatment, our Partial Hospitalization Program allows patients to keep a lot of the same support and treatment offered in residential care, but in a slightly less structured setting.

PHP patients keep their same therapist from RTC, they have access to our board-certified psychiatrist, assistance with medication management. In addition, they have a case manager who can help with resumes and job hunting to best prepare patients to return to their lives.

Simplified Substance Use Treatment Referrals Process

If you want to know what to expect during recovery, let us tell you what we’ve seen as a result of our programs: 

Step One

Call our 24-hour help line at 269.280.4673.

Step Two

Provide basic background and clinical information on the patient, as well as verify their insurance information.

Step Three

We’ll deliver an estimate of costs and schedule admission.

We’re Here to Help

We always want to do what’s in the best interest of each individual patient, whether that’s admitting them to our facility or not. If it’s determined during the information gathering process that we aren’t the right clinical fit, we can suggest other quality options for your patient.