The use and abuse of prescription drugs like Rohypnol among Native Americans is higher than most other ethnic groups. On average, Native American youth are three times more likely than other ethnic groups to overdose on prescription drugs resulting in a fatal occurrence. Over a quarter of Native Americans between the ages of 18 and 25 use or have used illicit drugs like Rohypnol. Native American drug use has consistently been higher than the national average. Among the different ethnic groups, Native Americans have a higher percentage of drug and alcohol use, especially among young males. Native Americans are more likely to begin abusing drugs like Rohypnol at a younger age and drop out of school as a result. Some of the reasons why Native Americans are at a greater risk for abusing drugs like Rohypnol can include the following:

  • Excessive and widespread poverty
  • High rates of unemployment
  • Higher rates of psychological disorders due to cultural disruption
  • Severe disease
  • Trauma related to generational persecution
  • Excessive free time that causes boredom and can lead to drug use

One of the major problems related to drug abuse within the Native American community is the extreme poverty that affects the majority of Native Americans. The poverty has resulted in severely under sourced health care provision for Native American communities. The Native American community suffers from considerably high rates of drug and alcohol abuse but does not have the financial means to provide adequate rehab facilities to treat addiction or provide health care in general. While Native Americans generally tend to have higher rates of addiction than other ethnic groups, their admission rates at public treatment centers are considerably low. Caucasians account for over 50% of treatment admissions for prescription drug abuse like Rohypnol, while Native Americans make up closer to 3% of all admissions.


Factors Affecting Native American Rohypnol Use

Other factors among the Native American population that affect rates of prescription drug abuse like Rohypnol can include the following:

  • The presence of casinos that tend to bring more drugs and alcohol into the community
  • The use of drugs for spiritual purposes can lead youth to believe that all drugs are safe and okay to use
  • The lack of drug abuse education among youth
  • The lack of treatment available for psychological conditions that can lead to drug abuse such as depression or anxiety

Native Americans who receive professional addiction treatment for Rohypnol abuse are more likely to experience a healthy recovery that results in a drug-free life than those who do not receive treatment.

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